Olivia’s design philosophy is driven by her unwavering pursuit for quality and excellence.

This core belief begins with her meticulous and considered space planning approach – a thoughtful layout is the foundation for unlocking a homes’ full potential and its surrounding architecture. Olivia’s experienced eye seeks to strike the acute balance between function and form, as she skilfully blends modernist principles of simplicity and restraint, to deliver design solutions that have a sense of cohesiveness and warmth.

Olivia has a real appreciation for true craftsmanship and the human touch – a rare commodity in a time of mass production and scale across the industry. She is driven to source exceptional and unique finishes, furniture, art and objects, where each component is curated to create captivating spaces that breathe life into homes.

[ WORKING NOTES ] No.01 Ovid Chandelier by Stephen Antonson No.02 Heri Vallieres Crezenda, Photograph by @studiofacon No.03 Thought Patterns, by Cristina Ghetti, Photography by Studio Gallery No.04 Olivia Giangrasso studio No.05 Cab 413 Armchair by Cassina No.06 Pouf Froufrou by Pierre Augustin Rose